Customize the command prompt in Windows 7

New Shortcut

Despite the Microsoft Windows 7 graphical user interface, with its advanced features like Snap, Shake, and Peek, there are still plenty of good reasons to use the command prompt. If you find yourself using the command prompt for several different tasks, you may want to take a few minutes to customize it. By adjusting the font, screen size, and background color, you can make several versions of the command prompt environment, thereby associating each specific command prompt shortcut with each specific task.

Create the shortcut
The customization is accomplished by adjust property settings located in a Windows shortcut. The first step is to create a command prompt shortcut. There are several ways to do this, but for our purposes we'll use the direct method.

Right-click on any blank part of the Windows 7 Desktop and navigate to the New | Shortcut menu item.

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Change the command line for the shortcut to C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe [b]/f:on[/b] This will allow you to use CTRL-F to scroll through files and CTRL-D to scroll through directories in the current directory. Repeat the keystrokes to step through all the files or directories one by one, or type a few characters and then hit those keystrokes to scroll through files or directories that start with those characters.


Do this to get what was there in XP and VISTA. In those two there was an option to use the "CLASSIC" option, Microsoft REMOVED it thanks Microsoft. This is the reason we (115) we will NOT be going the WIN7 way.