Data Centers

Data centers in the 21st Century

NextFort suite diagram

Electrical & Cooling

  • Up to 225KW IT load per suite (up to 600W per square foot)
  • 2N redundant electrical feeds with separate individually metered panels
  • Up to 60 tons of dedicated redundant ultra-efficient DX cooling
  • 100% free air capability based on outside conditions
  • Better than 1.25 PUE 

Fire Suppression

  • Independent clean agent gas-based suppression system in 
    each suite
  • No water-based fire sprinklers

Management & Control

  • Secure web-based customer portal to manage environmental settings (temperature, humidity, outside air control), physical access and security cameras, and to monitor power usage in the suite


Photo Credit: NextFort

Take a virtual tour of the Chandler Data Center


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