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Desktop toys: In this office, you are the boss

The holiday season is approaching fast. In fact, it seems to approach faster every year. For those of you in the giving spirit around the office, it can be difficult to find that special gift for the person on the other side of the cubicle wall. It cannot be too expensive and it should reflect a certain amount of lightheartedness and fun. I mean, after all, gift giving in an office environment is really about generating smiles and feelings of goodwill with your co-workers.
With that spirit in mind, TechRepublic has acquired several inexpensive yet tasteful and useful desktop toys for review. One of these fine gadgets or gizmos should appeal to even the most difficult to buy for in your office.
Next on our gift list is a The Cubes IT Set courtesy of Perpetual Kid.

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Where can I get one of these desktop cube sets? They look like they could be hours of amusement. Kinda reminds me of my childhood days when I used to play with my Barbie dolls and my brothers pocket erector set toy. Maybe someone else out there remembers the pocket erector sets they used to have, I haven't seen those things since I was a kid. That and Lincoln logs. (Yup even as a kid I liked building things)LoL

Maevinn I'm impressed that Lincoln Logs that are actually made of wood are coming back. My biggest complaint with the new generation of construction bits is that they are all targetted to building a specific thing. Where are the Legos that is just a bunch of bits? Not just the pieces you need to build a pirate ship? I think it kills the creativity to be told 'Here, build a 4 wheeler", and not be encouraged to come up with something else, too.


Agreed! I was one of those really demented kids who never ever built what was displayed on the box or in the instructions. I always had my own ideas about what to build. I even went so far as to request the same building set over two or three consecutive Christmas's, just to have a larger inventory of components to work with.