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Desktop toys: The Wolf King Warrior FPS gamepad

The holiday season is approaching fast. In fact, it seems to approach faster every year. For those of you in the giving spirit around the office, it can be difficult to find that special gift for the person on the other side of the cubicle wall. It cannot be too expensive and it should reflect a certain amount of lightheartedness and fun. I mean, after all, gift giving in an office environment is really about generating smiles and feelings of goodwill with your co-workers.
With that spirit in mind, TechRepublic has acquired several inexpensive yet tasteful and useful desktop toys for review. One of these fine gadgets or gizmos should appeal to even the most difficult to buy for in your office.
Next on our gift list is the Wolf King Warrior, The Ultimate FPS Gaming Pad courtesy of

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Bill Detwiler
Bill Detwiler moderator

I received a Nostromo N52 this Christmas and really like it. The N52 is smaller than the Wolf King, has a more ergonomic design, and feels more solid. I'll stay with the N52 until something better comes out.

Travis Hanson
Travis Hanson

I recently picked up both the Wolf King TIMBERWOLF and the Ideazon MERC. The Wolfking Timberwolf is basically the standalone game pad attached to a standard 104 key keyboard. There is no competition between the two. The Merc key placements are a much better fit and easier to pick up as habit. The placement of the keys on the Wolf king were just too close to each other to keep from pressing the wrong keys and too far from one side to the other for you to stay in a ?home position? or to find keys without looking. I suggest you try Ideazon's Fang, if you?re looking for a gamepad or Ideazon?s Merc if you?re looking for an all in one keyboard. My 2CP's. FYI: No VISTA drivers available yet for the MERC. I had to remove it from my VISTA ULTIMATE box, not only did I loose the "extra" gaming funtionality, I also lost the use of my numberpad. Ah well, thats what I get for early adopting. :(


It's bad enough to play games at the office, but one-handed keypads in general should be a last resort for anyone with a game jones. (That's you if you just have to bring a game pad to work!)