First look at Cisco Cius tablet and AppHQ platform

Cisco Cius

Here's a close-up look at AppHQ, Cisco's new application eco-system built just for this tablet (and perhaps more in the future). The app platform places way more control in the hands of developers than other tablets have so far. IT administrators can either choose to leave full range, open access to the Android Market or limit the apps available for purchasing and downloading to the Cius as they please.

However, there was not an example of this specialized version of AppHQ ready just yet.


Rachel King is a staff writer for ZDNet based in San Francisco.


With all the new "Pads" showing up, most people have given up. There all iPad copies. Late bloomers showing up at a party. It's getting a little ridicules, every one of them are full of Apple DNA, and not much to offer. In the end, they will all end up making money for Apple. If Apple wins the patent wars, most of the clone manufactures will have to pay royalties to Apple. I only hope that something good will come out of this.