Windows 8

First look at the Windows 8 Metro Map app

May I locate you?

The Metro UI in Microsoft Windows 8 is designed for tablets and smartphones, so it has some nearly obligatory apps. One of those standard apps is Maps. The Windows 8 Map app is your basic functional map application with features like location finding, street and aerial overlays, directions, and traffic reports. As you can see in this screenshot gallery, while there is nothing groundbreaking, it does work well for your basic Map app.

The first question for any mapping app is to ask permission to find where you are currently located.

Images by Mark W. Kaelin for TechRepublic


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comes up with at least a quality match for Google's street view - Google maps will be king forever. I wouldn't bank on it happening anytime soon - but one can always hope! Competition is always good!

Albert Myles
Albert Myles

I have to agree. Street View is Killer feature. I am surprised no one else is doing it yet.