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First Look: The 2nd generation Apple iPod Touch

A first look at the iPod Touch

The Apple iPod Touch is more than just a media player. With built-in GPS and WiFi capability this media player can keep you connected to your social network. And with the additional benefit of downloadable third-party applications, the iPod Touch is capable of much more than merely playing MP3s.

Mark Kaelin reviewed a 2nd generation Apple iPod Touch for the 2008 Geek Gift Guide.

Photo from the Apple Store


Mark Kaelin is a CBS Interactive Senior Editor for TechRepublic. He is the host for the Microsoft Windows and Office blog, the Google in the Enterprise blog, the Five Apps blog and the Big Data Analytics blog.


SPEAKER!! I found out that the new updated model actually has an included "on-board" speaker so you can listen to your tunes on the road without earphones! I'm sure the internal speaker is a little crapy one, not one where you can actually "Crank" it, but how cool is that! Very cool indeed, much overdue for sure,,,,,,,,


I have the original 32GB model, but I now see Apple toting their "next generation" model. Does anybody know what their main differences are? Is the original upgradeable to have the new features?