Five Apps: Optical disc utilities for Windows

Express Burn 1

3. Express Burn

Brought to you by the good guys at NCH Software, Express Burn feels much like a Nero suite, minus all the crapware that gets force installed as well. At least any such extras are strictly optional with all NCH Software products. Express Burn requires no configuration and works nicely as a DVD/BD video disc authoring tool that even can do basic menus and chapter selections for you. Also, despite the fact that this program typically costs money, NCH Software does offer this as free software for home use only.

Credit: Images by Matthew Nawrocki for TechRepublic


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Hello to all, I have been Using this Program, and works Great ! For sure worth to test it out. The Only thing they forgot is ... A lot of people especialy Musicians are Still working with Diskette Drive (1.44 ) to Upload their style to a Keyboard. It is NOT possible to make a Image from let's say a file From a Harddisk or CD to a diskette (1.44). I guess the Maker of this program just forgot that there are still Millions of Diskettes (1.44) in Use. Even Big Companies are still selling them TODAY, because THEY WORK ! If someone got a solution for that Please Report ! Thanks and warm regards, W. Maertens WMMUSIC