Windows 8

Five apps you won't have to give up if you switch to Windows 8

Xbox LIVE Games

One of the built-in apps, Xbox LIVE Games, acts as a central place for gaming activity. Games can plug into it and work over the Xbox LIVE system, including earning points.

It also means that games could allow multiplayer action between people using different devices entirely. Xbox LIVE Games has been neat on Windows Phone 7 and is a great piece in Windows 8, even if you do not own an Xbox.


Justin James is the Lead Architect for Conigent.


Do Techrepublic honestly believe that apps we are all interested and soooo happy we won't have to give up on Windows 8 are xbox live.. two programs that do the same thing OneNote MX/Evernote.. Photobucket and Kindle... This article is completely uninformative and could have been put together by a mildy tech savvy 8 year old.


Haha, presented from a mac ... and virtual machine :)