Windows 8

Five apps you won't have to give up if you switch to Windows 8


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Anyone thinking about Windows 8 has to be concerned about which of its applications will work with the data and applications and services they already use. Here are five applications (four that are well done, one a bit half-baked) that are Windows 8 extensions of existing Web and desktop applications.


Justin James is the Lead Architect for Conigent.


Do Techrepublic honestly believe that apps we are all interested and soooo happy we won't have to give up on Windows 8 are xbox live.. two programs that do the same thing OneNote MX/Evernote.. Photobucket and Kindle... This article is completely uninformative and could have been put together by a mildy tech savvy 8 year old.


Haha, presented from a mac ... and virtual machine :)