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Five tools for achieving better CRM

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool that many small, medium, and large businesses depend upon for the efficient management of clients and customers. Without these tools the ability to keep solid records and communication with external resources becomes a challenge that can immediately affect bottom line. The good news is you don't have to spend a fortune to have a powerful tool to keep your client base happily connected. The open source community has plenty of web-based CRM tools to that run the gamut of features and power. I have found five such tools to make your customer relationship efficient and flexible. Let's take a look and see if one of these tools fits your needs.

Five apps

1. X2 CRM

X2 CRM is a powerhouse of a tool that offers features such as: email marketing campaigns, web leads capture, and route leads based on business rules.

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As someone that has managed users and systems, I can confidently tell you that these systems are overkill, and as a result they can do more damage than good. It in essence, is using a sledgehammer to nail in a small tack... what that means is you don't get the accuracy you need an you end missing the mark because of lower buy in. More often than not, the people you need to have use it end up seeing the tool as the object of disdain. They put minimal info into it, so you get skewed results out of it. The feature sets that many of these CRM systems include in their programs are rarely used and are nothing but fancy baubles, completely useless to small to medium sized businesses. I think most companies will have a better user experience with something simpler...


Hello Jack; interesting article on 5 CRM tools, typo exist in "Sugar CRM" section: "Sugar CRM might well be one of the most widely used CRM tools on the plant." Am sure you meant the planet.


Typo on the last sentence of page 2 of the Dolibarr review. Someone may take it the wrong way. : / (made me chuckle)