Five tools for recording web camera output

Debut Video Recording Software 1

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Web cams are great for video conferencing, but they have other uses. Recorded Web cam video is used for everything from instructional videos to YouTube posts. This article lists five utilities that can record Web cam video.

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1. Debut Video Recording Software

Debut Video Recording Software Professional Version is much more than just a utility for capturing video from a Web cam. The software can actually capture video of anything that happens to be on your screen. You can even configure the output file type. As if that weren't enough, the software lets you schedule recordings and create snapshots of what you record.

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Be carefull, that company has sent in the past bundled driver update with their updates that have proven to be messing user's systems.


bad enough that crooks can record screen capture, let alone me helping them do it. However, these would be essential especially if you are trying to use a web-cam as a security apparatus. Programs such as these sometimes come with the cost of a security camera system, and sometimes you have to pay for them after the hardware purchase. I could see a lot of folks who want to use their web-cams as an impromptu surveillance cam, doing trials on these software. One of those mentioned here, is already being used by sec/cam companies.