Five Virtual Desktop Managers for Windows

Sysinternals Desktops 2.0

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Users of Unix and Linux are probably very used to virtual desktops; they've been present in the GUIs for those operating systems for a long time.  Windows users, however, have been stuck with a single desktop - unless they use something like one of these five addons.

The first selection is Desktops from Sysinternals, a Microsoft brand.  Desktops is a very simple implementation whose strongest feature is the on screen quick preview of the possible four desktops.

Screenshot of Desktops interface by Wally Bahny for TechRepublic


Installed this app. only to find out a 'toolbar'installed itself without permission! This junk spyware is part of the "OpenCandy" network and calls home without you knowing! Can't believe you refer your readers to this junk \\!\\\


I have to LOL. I was using virtual desktop software almost 20 years ago on a 286-based computer under Windoze 3.1. The package I used was PCTools from Central Point Software, but there was also Norton Desktop. Symantec eventually sucked up both and then shut them down when Windows 2000 came out and kinda but not really made them moot. Who knows, maybe someone will invent virtual computers one day. (oh yeah, IBM did that 40 years ago didn't they?)