Five Wi-Fi management apps

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector 1


4. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a free tool designed to help you to verify the health of your wireless network. Upon launching the tool, you must select your computer’s wireless network adapter. After doing so, the utility will display some vital statistics for your Wi-Fi connection, such as the SSID, IP address, etc.

Credit: Images by Brien M. Posey for TechRepublic


How DARE you suggest these "free" programs LOADED with crapware. Is this your way of offering a "sobriety test"? If so, PLEASE alert your constituents. sheeeesh........


So now there are apps where an employee can plug in to the company's network and give wireless access to anyone whether they know it or not. If our job isn't difficult enough.