After Hours

Force FX Lightsaber from Master Replicas - unboxed and in action

Darth Vader battles a young Jedi

As a kid growing up with the Star Wars saga, nothing typified the magic of Star Wars more than lightsabers. The idea of "laser swords" was always a huge part of the wow factor for my prepubescent friends and me. Using Wiffle Ball bats as our makeshift lightsabers, we staged a lot of Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader battles.

Thus, Master Replicas made a lot of dreams come true when they released their Force FX Lightsabers in 2002.

I tested the Force FX Lightsaber as part of TechRepublic's Geek Gifts 2007 series. For the full review, read my blog post, "Geek Gifts 2007: Force FX Lightsaber from Master Replicas".


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