Gallery: 10 bad tech gifts to avoid giving during the 2016 holiday season

​The Welt smartbelt

The technological theme for 2016 has definitely been "connected." Smart devices have been coming out of the woodwork. But just because you can connect something to the Internet, doesn't necessarily mean you should. I'm looking at you Internet-connected toaster.

To keep you from giving a tech gift this holiday season that's destined to collect dust in the back of the closet, we've compiled a list of wacky smart devices and other devices that are either overpriced, overcomplicated, or just plain pointless.

The Welt smartbelt is first on our list. This electronic fashion accessory can measure your waistline, tell you if you overeat, track your steps, and tell you how long you've been sitting. The question to ask yourself about the Welt, as with all smart fitness devices, is whether your body is capable of telling you what the device is supposed to.

Tracking steps and knowing how long you've been sitting is good to know, but unless you're a world championship bodybuilder or jockey, having an electronic belt that constantly measures your waistline to see if you've overeaten seems a bit excessive.. Just use a tape measure and stop eating when you're full.

Besides, who wants to charge their belt in the evening?

Image: WELT

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