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Gallery: AMD demos 'Shanghai'

The screen above shows the results of the live demonstration, with the older Barcelona processor represented by the graphs in the left-hand column, and the new Shanghai processor shown in the right-hand column.

The system powered by processors with the older 65nm Barcelona technology was started up and ran with an average loading. This chart of the live demonstration shows the machine running normally.

Four values are shown here. On the bottom-left is the CPU usage, showing the processor working at a level that is roughly the maximum a system manager would feel comfortable with.

The next value up shows electrical power consumed, in watts.

The third value form the bottom shows actual work being done, in this case a count of HTTP requests being served every second.

Finally, the value at the top of the screen shows the power being consumed against the work being undertaken. This is a measure of efficiency, and is useful both in terms of datacenter energy management and for judging green credentials.

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