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Geek Gifts 2008: The RC Battle Tank Type 90

Ready for battle?

Think Geek sent us the RC Battle Tank Type 90 to review for our annual Geek Gift Guide. The tank is obviously based on the U.S. battle tank the M1 Abrams. We took our battle tank for a little field testing and came away more than a little disappointed.

The full review is published in the TechRepublic Geekend blog.


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To me, it looks more like germany's Lepord 2

Mark W. Kaelin
Mark W. Kaelin moderator

I have been informed that there is a Type 90 Battle Tank - it is Japanse. I have also been clued in to the fact that the Type 90 is based on design elements of the Abrams and the Lepord 2. It is amazing what I learn from TechRepublic members. Thanks.