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Geeky attire and accessories for women

Phi by Numbers tee

Women who want their fashion style to reflect their love of geek culture should pull on some jeans and your favorite Chuck Taylors with any of the items in this gallery. You'll be geek girl chic without all the fuss of fancier clothes. (If you prefer to see the items in list format, read my post Geek fashion suggestions for women.)

Geek girls can get irrational -- we just do it with irony. This is the Phi by Numbers tee from ThinkGeek.

Photo credit: ThinkGeek


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But my Ada Lovelace tee is my favorite. I have the Marie Curie and Mary Shelley ones too.


I carry something VERY similar to the CashStash with me at all times. I have coronary artery disease, and it's the perfect size for a bottle of nitroglycerine tablets. I never leave home without it!