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Google Goodies: Google Calendar

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By: Anthony Sullivan

Continuing our series of content pieces covering Google's varied suite of tools and software, we review Google Calendar this month.

In February, Google announced Google Apps Premium, a new way to use many of the services Google has offered for a while plus a couple of new ones. Google Calendar is included with Google Apps Premium and is, by my reckoning, a pretty slick Web service. Let's take a look.

As you can see again, I'm starting from the familiar Google search page. It has changed a bit since my last look, with the addition of a menu bar at the top.


Anybody else find this to be a google calendar show-stopper? Or at least very annoying. Assume that we've got an item on our calendar with a description field length that is non-trivial, say length = 80. Google cal simply chops it off at about 20 chars or so. Compare this behavior to yahoo calendars, where the event cell will expand vertically, and the description wraps nicely with no truncation.


I found that the "use htmlembed" does just what it sounds like -- it makes the calendar support HTML tags, including BR! ^_^ Problem solved. Wina