How do I... Configure and use Windows Meeting Space?

I see Paint

On the other end, my laptop is now seeing the Paint application running on MarkKaelin2.

Final thoughts
The Windows Meeting Space is a nifty little program that comes with Windows Vista. The collaborative application is straightforward to set up and configure and has many of the features we have become so familiar with from using other collaborative solutions. But while Windows Meeting Space works as advertised, it has at least one major drawback -- it only works with Windows Vista, which means you can only collaborate using this application with other Vista devices. The entire Windows XP, Linux, and Mac OS universe is beyond your reach. Perhaps in three years that won't be such a big deal, but it is pretty much a deal-breaker now. There are other just as capable solutions out there that are more inclusive in the operating systems they support. Collaboration is not, and does not have to be, dependent on which operating system you are using.


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Where can i download Windows meetingspace? i searched on the start menu and its not ther.