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How do I... Configure transactional replication between two SQL Server 2005 systems?

By Josh Hoskins

Replication folder

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Replication often plays an important part in your database management strategy. An organization may use database replication for load balancing, offline processing, redundancy, and other typical administrative tasks. This How do I... shows you how to configure replication between two Microsoft SQL Server 2005 systems using the SQL Server Management Studio.
First you will need to connect the database engine that contains the data you wish to replicate in SQL Server Management Studio. From there you will need to right click on the Replication folder and select Configure Distribution.


Hi, I am configuring peer to peer transaction replication on 2 sql server(these are 2 separate machine on LAN),NODE1 and NODE2. both have the same database DB1. I have created the local distributor on each server machine. Now while i m adding a node to topology, through PEER TO PEER REPLICATION WIZARD. but problem is on Page "peer" i add the sql server instance NODE1 but, database DB! is not in database list. but query on DB! is executing from NODE2 instance. 1> what will i do? should i configure remote distribution? 2> Is it necessary to "configure publication" on every NODE instance like "configuration of DISTRIBUTION". I need help badly to resolve this trouble. Please help me............. Thanks Narayan