How to create a VMware vSphere virtual machine utilizing all available features

Step 13: Set VMDK options

When determining the size for the virtual machine, the wizard only creates one VMDK file. If multiple VMDKs are to be used, they can be completed at the end of the wizard. There are a few key options to choose when creating the VMDK. Size is important, especially if the Thin Provisioning option is not selected. I prefer to use Thin Provisioning for most situations, as only the actual consumed storage of the guest operating system is reflected in the VMDK. If the virtual machine is to be a Fault Tolerant virtual machine, Thin Provisioning is not available and the VMDK is formatted as a zeroed thick file. You can also specify that the VMDK file reside in a different datastore as the configuration and memory swap file associated with the virtual machine.

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