After Hours

IBM and UNIVAC in the Apollo Program

DSTN Fresnedillas Computer Room

The computer room of DSTN station Fresnedillas, outside Madrid, Spain. The systems shown here are for the Apollo 8 mission and are UNIVAC 1218, a forerunner to the 1230s used on Apollo 11.


The radio telescope pictured is at Parkes, not Perth. There was a tracking station at Honeysuckle Creek near Canberra that did most of the work, but the Parkes radiotelescope was also used. see for some accuracies and inaccuracies about the film "The Dish". Honeysuckle Creek was closed down in 1981 and its dish moved to the current Deep Space Network tracking station at Tidbinbilla, also near Canberra. See A tracking station at Muchea 40Km north of Perth was used for the Mercury missions. A station at Carnarvon 800KM north of Perth was used for Gemini and Apollo. Information on both of these is available on Wikipedia