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IBM and UNIVAC in the Apollo Program

DSTN Station at Perth, Australia

The 210 foot antenna at the Perth station was the subject of the 2000 film "The Dish" starring Sam Neill and Patrick Warburton. It is a largely fictional account which downplays the significance of all of the stations in the DSTN network. During the course of the Apollo 11 mission, several stations were required in order to receive telemetry and television signal from the spacecraft and the moon.


The radio telescope pictured is at Parkes, not Perth. There was a tracking station at Honeysuckle Creek near Canberra that did most of the work, but the Parkes radiotelescope was also used. see for some accuracies and inaccuracies about the film "The Dish". Honeysuckle Creek was closed down in 1981 and its dish moved to the current Deep Space Network tracking station at Tidbinbilla, also near Canberra. See A tracking station at Muchea 40Km north of Perth was used for the Mercury missions. A station at Carnarvon 800KM north of Perth was used for Gemini and Apollo. Information on both of these is available on Wikipedia