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iInventory computer tracking software: The Right Tool for the Job?

Network scan in progress

When iInventory performs a scan of your network, it pops up a window that lets you know that it's doing something. While not informational, it's nice to know that the product is doing something and is not hung.

In cases in which you can't run a scan in this way, iInventory's Web site offers you some ideas for completing your audit:

  • Audit large numbers of networked computers quickly by placing one agent on a network server - and activate it with a simple command in the login script. Each computer runs the agent on login and the resulting audit data collection is centralized
  • If you don't have network rights, bulk email users with a link to a single network-located agent -- with a simple instruction to click the link. This activates the agent on the target
  • Walk around audit. Place the agent on a zip disk, floppy disk, CD-RW or even the network. Visit each target and run the agent manually. This method is often used by third party auditors as it is also easy to collect administrative information or distribute asset stickers
  • Email remote, standalone users with the actual agent -- with instructions to run the agent and return the audit data files which can then be imported into iInventory.

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