Image Gallery: First Impressions of the HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger

HP iPAQ 910 retail box

HP used to have the greatest Pocket PC devices, but it has been a while since they had some high quality devices. The new HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger is the new high end device that packs all the wireless features you want in a form factor similar to a BlackBerry Curve and Motorola Q9.

HP has some great new packaging and did a good job of keeping the box for the 910 compact and attractive.


I hope that new keyboard design works better than the keyboard on the iPaq hw6925. I had had a lot of issues with having to lay on certain keys to get them to register. Other than that the hw6925 has been a good device. Something interesting... The 910c's standard battery is rated higher than the extended life(humpback) battery on the hw6925. 1940mAh compared to 1800mAh. Same processor though. Should have longer battery life(I would hope).