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Installing Arch Linux: past and present

A couple of weeks ago, the powers that be in Arch central took the decision to completely strip back the Arch Linux installer from a curses-based interface into a series of scripts that are run from the command line.

That decision was not welcomed universally.

Since you are still able to use both the new installer and the old one search for archlinux-2012.08.04-dual.iso to find it we've covered both methods in this gallery: starting with the new, and moving on to the old.

This bootloader is the only common screen between both installation methods.

Read the full review of Arch Linux in Girt By Code.


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I've checked, it's not 1st April it's also not the 1990's. As an avid Linux user (Debian) I'm amazed that anything could be so archaic. Everyone to their own I suppose, but it makes criticism of the Debian installer seem unjustified. I've every respect for all Linux distro developers, but I think they've made a big mistake there.


I agree - if you ever wanted to convince newbies to stay with Windows forever, show them this - "How to install a Linux Distro". I don't know how many pages the PDF file takes (probably a ton - way to big to print would be my guess) or how many friends would lend their laptop so you could muddle through a PDF file, but this is ridiculous and some "rave" about Arch Linux. I installed a Slackware version back in the early-mid 90s when Linux was still "nursing" and it wasn't as complicated and convoluted as this.