Windows 8

Leaked Windows 8 screenshots

Windows 8 - Leaked 'Install' screenshot


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Koko Bill
Koko Bill

windows 7 is the best piece of software ever. Ms did their best. But , what`s the difference between 7 and 8...can`t tell...give us a brand new x64 bit OS quite new...this is shit of screenshoots...

HAL 9000
HAL 9000 moderator

That is exactly how M$ describe every new piece of their Software the Best Ever. All 7 which is OK is is a Development of Vista which was badly panned by so many probably incorrectly but when they dumped that and gave it a new name it's accepted as the best thing since Sliced Bread. What a Crock. Col


I agreed, again Tech Republis proves itself to be another useless "BLOG" on the web.. All advertsiers I will ensure I do not buy your products because Tech Republis is just irresposnible and prefers to waste the working IT professionals time and therefore MONEY!!


In Microsoft windows 2012, I would like to experience easier access to the network adapter settings. Como'n Don't apple me! And don't update the operating system while i am working it freeze the computer and Slows me down !

Stanzoff 2 Like

April Fool's Day is so named for a good reason ... Check your calendar

mikeh123 1 Like

Er hmmm yes windows 8 ................... so are we to believe that Microsoft are going to commit Technical Sucide and release Windows 8 as a rebadged Windows 7, perhaps windows 7 se as they did with the long dead windows 98????? LOL


We've just been MOONED I tell ya.

Rhinofart 2 Like

If you really look at it, the Windows 8 on the first screen doesn't quite look right. Also, in regards to the copyright part. Historically, MS has shown a date range in the Copyright area. So now because of that Copyright date being fixed like that, technicaly someone could come out with a product named Windows 8 in the year 2011 and MS would be screwed for releasing "Windows 8" My verdict - Fake.


Why we are worrying about windows 8...Its a useless thing...We was like this before release the windows seven also...But what happen...?It was quite different...Don't be hurry guys..........................

amandi8 1 Like

...the excitement is gripping! Why did anyone even bother posting this article? There is nothing great or new about these screenshots...if someone actually had the opportunity to sneak some pictures of Windows 8, then why the heck would they choose these two screens? I think not.

drac13 1 Like

anyone can create such things using blend or VS

stuartc 3 Like

What 2 pictures? Leaked?! Sorry this is no wikileaks, this could be photoshop....

jcbronson 1 Like

Was it the pixels that gave it away?

Gis Bun
Gis Bun 2 Like

2 pictures? These could of easily been doctored. Second screen looks like the current WU. Good thing is that they may not plan major UI chanmges - if these are real.