LEGO structures create BrickMagic 2011

BrickMagic 2011 photo 1

BrickMagic Festival for LEGO Fans was held in North Raleigh, NC from May 7-8, 2011. Take a look at photos of some of the LEGO creations that were on display.

Photo credit: Brickapolis via Flickr


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this stuff is beyond cool, the creativity, the steps, the hours, everything - great work people, keep up the great work. What a way to earn a living

P.F. Bruns
P.F. Bruns

That's...that's the Tampa skyline! Admittedly, not all the buildings are in those positions in real life, but the squat blue building on the far right is Tampa Police HQ, which is (in this shot) next to Old City Hall (the short pale yellow building with the green-topped spire). New City Hall is the gray building with the glass vertical windows in the right foreground. Even the parking garages are perfect!