Microsoft Stealth Update and Windows XP repair don't mix

Stealth Update ... take 2!

Microsoft did more than send a stealth update to XP users - it sent a buggy stealth update.

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Let's start with a fully patched XP system

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From my blog post "I use the repair feature all the time in my support work and it ticks me off that now I have to jump through extra hoops to get an XP box fixed. Fortunately, the fix is simple enough, but the fact is we shouldn?t have to be continually fixing things that Microsoft breaks." And to break it without even telling us about it is the ultimate slap in the face. Any business that alienates it's customers and loses their trust will eventually either have to change its practices or fail. I've been moving to Open Source for several years and I'm almost free of all Microsoft products except Windows; it won't be long before I move completely to Linux. Cheers! The Geek

Data Ninja
Data Ninja

Thanks for these tips, I only just now ran into this problem, but oddly enough only 3 of the updates wouldn't "re-install" - the rest did???