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Microsoft Virtual Server Migration Toolkit screenshots

Garther server hardware information

Server virtualization allows organizations to maximizing their hardware resources by running multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine. This screenshot gallery shows the toolkit in action. Check out Joshua Hoskins' The Right Tool for the Job? blog post, to learn how his IT department migrated its physical server to virtual servers using the Microsoft's Virtual Server Migration Toolkit (VSMT).

The first step in the migration process is the creation an XML file of the hardware in the physical computer. That is done with command line tool GATHERHW.

Submitted by Joshua Hoskins


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I was in the process of migration(p2v) using the MSVT when i was asked to enable PXE boot for capturing the image of the physical machine. Is there anyother alternative other than enabling PXE boot?


Yes, There are many ways to do this task. For instance, you can use RIS (Remote Installation Service). however this can be very time conuming if you already dont have the server setup. Also, you can store your images on Firewire HDD to do this you can: (Create multiple folders and assiagn a name for each computer for example: DELL folder for DELL computer, TOSHIBA for TOSHIBA computer and so on) and then boot the computer with Ghost boot disk that you want to re-image and then you will be able to upload or download your images onto your computers without having a PXE Server. Thanks