Monitor computer usage with Network LookOut Administrator Professional

Add computer - Advanced tab

When you add a new computer, there are some advanced options you can configure that help to determine how well the application will perform, as well as other options.

First, choose the TCP port that you wish to use for communication between the console and the client.

The two checkboxes control how the console will connect to remote clients when you initially start the console. If you select the "Automatically connect at start" option, the console viewer will attach to the client as soon as the console application starts up. You'll see only a thumbnail view, but the console will actively watch the client computer. The "Automatically connect when disconnected" box means exactly what it says.

The real meat here is at the bottom of the window. This is where you specify the number of colors that will be displayed in the console's remote view window. The fewer colors you choose, the better the performance will be since fewer colors result in less network traffic.

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