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More software rivalry Easter Eggs revealed

Borland Quattro Pro vs Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3

Back in the mid 80’s Borland was riding high with a set of successful DOS-based applications, such as Sidekick, Turbo Pascal, and SuperKey, just to mention a few. Guided by their fearless leader, Philippe Kahn, the company grew and of course launched other successful products including the Quattro Pro spreadsheet program.

To set the stage for this Easter Egg, it’s important to know that the folks at Lotus feared competition in a quickly evolving spreadsheet software arena and to protect 1-2-3 decided to scream copyright infringement and sued Borland. As such, Lotus and Borland were enemies. Of course, Microsoft’s business tactics made enemies throughout the software industry, including Borland.

When Borland launched Quattro Pro for Windows, they figured that based on the past successes, they stood as good a chance as either of their competitors to make it big in the spreadsheet field and so Borland developers buried a taunting Easter Egg in Quattro Pro for Windows 1.0.

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