Must-have Android apps, according to Donovan Colbert


"PdaNet by Junefabrics is a modem-tethering application. At this point, I'm not sure how it violates Verizon terms of service, but none-the-less, the kings of greed claim that they can detect unauthorized modem-tethering and will cancel your account if you are caught using these kind of applications.

"At the very least, they can exist and Verizon can't just banish them from the market. No need to hide modem-tethering apps as flashlight apps in the Android marketplace.

"With PdaNet, you can hook up your Droid to your laptop via USB or Bluetooth, open up the client software there, click Enable, and ride the information super-highway like a lawless Hell's Angel, thumbing your nose at the man. When you get caught and they shut you down, switch to Sprint."

Image credit: Donovan Colbert

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