Must-have Android apps, according to Donovan Colbert

The Great Land Grab

"In a previous blog, I lamented that being torn between the iOS iPad and the Android platform would result in me falling in love with some non-cross platform game that was unlikely to make the jump. The Great Land Grab is it.

"This game divides the globe up into rectangles that you can purchase. You can purchase the square you are in for the listed price or any adjacent square for 10x the price. Once you own a property, you get an hourly rent for it. But at any time some other varmint can come along and buy your property out from under you. I drive, my wife navigates, and we buy up land as we travel around.

"There's a lot more to it than this, and it's addictive and encourages long Sunday drives out into remote areas where you discover all kinds of new things about the area where you live. Android only, and no signs of it going to iOS."

Image credit: Donovan Colbert

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