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NASA/Etsy Space Craft Contest winners and finalists

Stained Glass Space Odyssey

NASA likes to be on the cutting edge of technology, even social media. You can follow NASA on Twitter and Facebook and some NASA employees (including astronauts) via social media.

NASA recently teamed up with Etsy to find the best space-related creations in the geek craft movement. Months were given for artists to create masterpieces in the categories 2D Original Art, 2D Reproductions, and 3D Art, and the winners were announced in March 2011. This gallery features work from some of the winners and finalists of the Space Craft Contest.

2D Original Finalist : Space Odyssey Transom by Alla Sharkova
Image courtesy Alla Sharkova


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'techy' 1 Like

Even though it has that cool drawer, I wouldn't give it a grand prize. It's a table with little dot's on it.

asyousay 1 Like

LOL. Yeah dude. A table, really. The dots on my table sure don't open a cool drawer! I think they're paint splatters and old price tags from various crap I've bought. I could try pressing them all just in case I missed something. Might amuse me for a bit, but I'm easily amused, Thank the heavens ... which brings brings us round full circle.


popped out of the dots - then maybe I'd be impressed! [_]3


a kinda detatchable rubik's cube config inside. Electro magnets activate which side will be drawn out with each face.

AnsuGisalas 2 Like

Look at the table, then think, if there were 4 full-size drawers in there, opening to different stars... that'd impress me. Think about it...


but this is SO far from the mission of science, research, and exploration that it's no wonder that many people think NASA is a colossal waste of money! When congress cuts NASA's funding, just look back at things like this. I was expecting to see artist's concepts of possible new spacecraft. Instead, there are seashells, tiddly winks and tables - as the grand prize winner! Unbelievable.


Northstar table - I liked the table anyway, then this!!! Man that really is far out.