New features in Outlook Live (Release 5)

Updated user interface and theme

As you can see, the user interface has changed only ever so slightly, keeping the original Outlook Web App feel to Outlook Live, the cloud email product part of the Live@edu educational suite. This version includes themes which allows greater customisability of the interface for the end user. 

This version of Outlook Web App will be the version used in Office 365 for Education, which will be rolled out later this year. 

To read more about the new features available in Outlook Live (R5) released recently to all Live@edu students in waves, read the iGeneration blog where it explains all.


When this is only a web based version for Microsoft Office Outlook, and in this case Office 365, so are this a very good compliment to a normal kind of version who can be reached everywhere with a normal web browser like Internet Explorer or similair, who can be used for the same purpose as a full suite of the same Office program, like Microsoft Office 2010 Professional or similair.