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Nikon Small World winning photographs under the microscope for 2010

1st place - Anopheles gambiae (mosquito) heart (100X) Fluorescence

Nikon Small World announced the winners of its 2010 photomicrography contest.

The winning photo was taken by Jonas King - Vanderbilt University, Department of Biological Sciences in Nashville, Tennessee

Courtesy of Nikon Small World


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I would be very interested to hear a statement from the jurist, just saying what the basis of judgment was. It must have been very difficult to choose from all the possible entries, and I wonder how you sorted it all out, and on what basis you selected a winner!

Return of Django
Return of Django

There is NO art in this world greater or better than can be found in nature.

boxfiddler moderator

What a marvel, phenomena.


All of a sudden, I have a new respect for laboratory folks with cameras!