Photos: Africa's emerging tech scene and the innovators behind it

Africa's growing startup scene

The startup scene in Africa is rapidly expanding, and young innovators are harnessing new technology to solve Africa-specific problems in revolutionary ways.


-Microsoft's redemption song in Africa: Catalyzing grassroots tech revolutions on the world's least connected continent

-The world's unlikely leader in mobile payments: Kenya

Image: iHub


Lyndsey Gilpin is a Staff Writer for TechRepublic. She covers sustainability, tech leadership, 3D printing, and social entrepreneurship. She's co-author of the upcoming book, Follow the Geeks.


Just so great. What a lot of publicity for MS - this after pricing their software way out of reach of Africa for more than 25 years, they now want to make the big benevolent hype. Unbelievable, but what else could you expect of them? They structure business in a way that a continent that is already behind (development wise), falls even further behind - then they so graciously reach out to assist.

Access to the internet in Africa should go via cellular network or satellite. We can't really afford cable networks, especially when they are expected to cover great distances with no users in between. Energy can be provided by solar loaded batteries, where the electricity is too expensive or there is no electricity network.

Other companies (than MS) have long been busy and many African countries have acceptable access to the internet. Find out who they are (some are African companies) and publish balanced articles. These companies couldn't make MS products affordable in Africa - of course only MS can.