Photos: Best BlackBerry -- Pearl, Curve, or World Edition?

The three primary BlackBerry models

The BlackBerry Pearl (left), BlackBerry Curve (middle), and BlackBerry World Edition (right) are the three primary BlackBerries for business. For a comparison of the three and a look at which model is best for which type of user, see Best BlackBerry for business? Pearl vs. Curve vs. World Edition.

Photo by Jason Hiner (CBS Interactive)


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The Curve wins easily for business. I need qwerty and I assume other business folks feel the same way. CIO, OptHome


I have been a Blackberry-owner for the past three years now and I could not possibly do without qwerty. As an 'older' user I cannot tolerate the abbreviated language adopted by the younger texting generation and so a cut-down keyboard would not suit. I have hung on to my brawny, weighty but reliable 8700 (and its predecessors) for the ease of the beloved trackwheel . . . until it became obviously clear that the wheel was buckling under its heavy duties. This weekend received the Curve. Clearly on a diet, rather too suave, with an 'eye' in the middle of its forehead, it is still in its packaging as I contemplate my 7-day cooling-off period. Who says smaller is better?