Photos: Next generation wireless from WiMAX World 2007

This Sony ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) included a non-production WiMAX adapter with a live connection to the upcoming Sprint/Motorola WiMAX network in Chicago. This press demo was hosted by Motorola at WiMAX World 2007 in Chicago September 25-27.

Credit: Jason Hiner / CNET Networks


Jason Hiner is Editor in Chief of TechRepublic and Long Form Editor of ZDNet. He writes about the people, products, and ideas changing how we live and work in the 21st century. He's co-author of the upcoming book, Follow the Geeks.


Right now I am building my titanium cocoon to avoid being steamrolled by this technology. Will it take off? No question. Will it last? Will the sun rise in the East? And when it hits you will either be wise and an early adopter or a mere member of the maddening crowd just chasing the technology. Start saving now and bite once the leader in the technology becomes clear. Looking at the photos, it is quite obvious that heavyweights akin to Motorola and Sprint are betting the farm on market domination. The investment in this technology will be buh, buh, billions and will revolutionize the on-the-go experience. So sharpen those elbows and don't get knocked down from behind. You will regret it.