Photos: Samsung Vibrant is the flagship of the Galaxy S fleet

Samsung Vibrant in hand

The Samsung Vibrant combines a workman-like set of useful smartphone features with a decent touch of design flair. See it in its full glory, along with visual comparisons to the other Galaxy S models.

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Photo credit: Jason Hiner/TechRepublic


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i had poor cell signal both in and out so i went back to the old phone. maybe its the lack of 2.2 or i didnt hold it the right way. had trouble answering any call if it wasnt swiped the right way and finally the texting method may not be ideal for me. otherwise lots of features making it more of a netbook than a phone.


This is my first smart phone. I've always wanted an iPhone but my carrier doesn't provide it. I took advantage of a 2 for 1 sale and bought this phone for my wife and me. I have to say I couldn't be happier. I have played around with my friends' iPhones and am happy to say that the Vibrant does not lag behind at all. In fact, it has some excellent features that I would miss on the iPhone: Swype keyboard, voice Google search. I'll have to find a way to sync my music, which is currently on iTunes. But since I still have my iPod, I'm not too worried about that.