Photos: SAP and Wipro in Bangalore

Bangalore's Electronics City's Steve Ranger visited Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore to investigate the Indian technology industry. These are some of the sights from the Bangalore leg of the trip.

Electronics City is a giant industrial park on the edge of Bangalore. It is home to dozens of the big names in technology. This space-age vision is one of the new buildings on the giant Infosys campus.


It appears that businesses and the government of Bangalore have adopted the same development strategy as my state of California. The wacko, energy wasteful architecture looks about the same. Huge expanses of water wasting lawns that no one uses, except the mowers and landscapers. The roads, including the dirt from endless construction, are about the same. Traffic at a crawl, and if moving at all probably at full tilt bouncing off any painted line. I've even once seen a cow in the middle of an urban California highway, where people were making a big fuss over the beast. The similarities are astounding. Buildings constructed first and infrastructure later, ditto there, especially mass transit systems (due in 2011) which would have been less expensive to construct without the buildings and roads in the way. They need only to prepare for the out-of-sight housing, taxes, fuel and food costs as well as the resulting social and economic disparities that all of this inefficiency creates.