Product Spotlight: Nokia E71 business class smartphone

Nokia E71 - Front

The unlocked Nokia E71 is a sleek, stylish smartphone with business-class features. But, the E71's steep price tag and seriously limited support for Microsoft Exchange are two strikes against it. I reviewed the E71 for TechRepublic's Product Spotlight series and am providing an abbreviated version of the full review in this gallery. You can read my full Product Spotlight review here.

Despite being a magnet for fingerprints and smudges, the E71's metal exterior gives the device a sleek, sophisticated look. The E71 is a big improvement over the E61i.

Unlike the bulky AT&T Tilt, the Nokia E71 feels right at home in a coat or pants pocket. So long phone holster.

Photo by: Bill Detwiler/CBS Interactive


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e71 is the most amazing phone ive ever came in contact with. great battery life, descent camera, a zillion apps, awesome size, wifi and it just LOOKS like a class act. very high performer.


I have been using this phone in the UK for about 6 months and had an E61 before and would gladly go back to it. The E71 looks very sleek and cool but the buttons are dreadfully small for my fat fingers and the phone seems sluggish despite having wiped the phone several times. Also the camera is terrible, very grainy so if you are taking photos of your network I would use a different phone. The plus points of this phone are its great looks, easy to use interface and tough build quality (I have dropped mine many times!) If any of you use Intellisync this phone is easily set up to use it. If anyone needs a step-by-step guide on Intellisync installs on this phone please give me a shout... Thanks Rob