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Recommended geeky reads for this winter

A Song of Ice and Fire: A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin

If you received an or Barnes & Noble gift card this holiday season and you like to read, here are more than 30 book suggestions that cover various aspects of geekery. The list features a mix of fiction and non-fiction and new releases and classics. Most of the books featured are available in Kindle and Nook editions, so you can easily substitute the paper versions linked here for a digital version. If you prefer to view the recommendations in list format, please go to this Geekend post.

Fifth in the A Song of Ice and Fire series (or, perhaps better known as the Game of Thrones series), A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin continues the epic tale of the Seven Kingdoms where kings and lords, mythical beings, and normal humans exist together in total lack of harmony.

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Check out Project Gutenberg ( to access oldies but goodies (royalty free) books of all stripe and in many languages. They can be read on-line or downloaded to a variety of formats, Android and otherwise. This is useful for getting Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or Bram Stoker's Dracula or RLS's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, to name a few, absolutely free. I use ePub via my Acer netbook to load onto my rooted Nook Color. Hermione, a crusader for house elves and raising redheads? Surely, the smartest witch of her age would enroll in the Open University to study and teach physics as an explanation of magical events and magical events as an instantiation of physics principles. Mrs. Murrey needs to put her author's cap back on, pick up her pen, and give the world some Potter for Grownup Geeks stories. :-)