Screenshots: Five utilities for managing your passwords

PasswordBox Free Password Manager 1

4. PasswordBox Free Password Manager

PasswordBox Free Password Manager is a free utility for managing your passwords and for providing Web single sign on capabilities.

Like LastPass Password Manager, PasswordBox requires you to set up a cloud based account. The thing that is unique, however, is that in doing so, you are also asked to provide an E-mail address for someone that you trust. This person will be able to access your accounts in the event that something happens to you. Unfortunately, there is no way to skip this step. If you do happen to like the idea of designating one person to preserve your digital legacy, you can designate multiple people.

Another thing that was unique about PasswordBox was that it acknowledges the fact that many people use the same login name and password for multiple sites. As a time saver, PasswordBox allows you to enter your most common username and password and select the sites for which you use it.

Credit: Images by Brien Posey for TechRepublic

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