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Server room showcase 2

Leak threatens server room

TechRepublic members share photos of their wiring closets, server racks, and network operations centers.

"Oh, how I wish this were a joke photo, but it is actually is our server room," one TechRepublic member wrote. "We recently installed the leak diverter kit after the first rain of this year found its way to a sweet spot directly over the servers' keyboard. I'm hoping to win a little notoriety from Tech Republic to help me persuade the bosses that this equipment, which runs our whole business, needs to be relocated or significantly better protected!"

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Many server rooms grow like Topsy, in unsuitable rooms for their eventual purposing, but no-one wants to reposition all the infrastructure! They can have a "bad day" a "bad contractor" or be subject to urgent but unfinished work. Sometimes it is actually easier to trace a cable if it is not bundled, tied and hidden in a tight mass of other cables, so rooms that undergo a lot of change tend to be messier. When a staffer is under-resourced and overworked, with too many priorities to deal with, the niceties often get left until last (if ever). I am totally for a tidy room with no tripping dangers, but I have been frequently let down by other contractors doing the most damnedest things with cables, brackets, aircon, electrical, etc. which necessitate untidy work arounds until permanent solutions can be found to their lack of forethought. Start with a suitable room, with space for expansion, easy routing of cables, a good electrical supply, space for cooling and no external heat load, space for racks to be positioned without cramming, and we'd all be happy. But often the "server room" is actually the telephone closet in the days when a PABX was the latest technology! Imagine if a telephone exchange was like these server rooms given in the photos!