Set up Windows 8 Client Hyper-V to run Windows XP

Hyper-V doesn't support Dynamic Memory for Windows XP

Now, move up the Hardware list and select the Memory section. I'm going to specify 1GB of RAM for my XP Virtual Machine. As you can see, I've specified 1024 in the Startup RAM text box and left the Enable Dynamic Memory check box unselected. Even though the text box is titled Startup RAM, in the case of the Windows XP operating system, this will be the total amount of available RAM.

In other words, it will essentially be static memory. Being an older operating system, Windows XP is not supported by Hyper-V's Dynamic Memory feature, so you'll need to leave that check box unselected. The Memory Weight slider is designed to allow you to prioritize memory usage but it is related to the Dynamic Memory feature and so in the case of Windows XP we'll just leave it as it is in the middle.

Credit: Images by Greg Shultz for TechRepublic

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