Slideshow: Activate the Windows 8 File History feature

You can compare files by date and time as well as size

If from the Replace or Skip Files dialog box you selected Compare, you would see a window like the one shown, which is titled File Conflict, and shows you the file's date and time stamp as well as the file's size. You would select the check box adjacent to the one that you want to keep and click Continue.

What's your take?

File History works like a combination of Previous Versions and Windows Backup and Restore. Does this feature make Windows 8 a more compelling upgrade for you? Of course things may change a bit in File History between now and October 26th when Windows 8 officially launches. As such, I'll cover File History in more detail later. As always, if you have comments or information to share about this topic, please take a moment to drop by the TechRepublic Community Forums and let us hear from you.

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